ATR - The Abbreviation Text Replacer
ATR is a tool made to speed up your typing. You choose a short abbreviation, an execution key (space, tab or enter) and the text that should replace your abbreviation. Then when you type your abbreviation and hit the execution key the text is replaced with whatever you typed.

ATR works in all applications beacuse it integrates directly with the keyboard buffer both when reading and writing text. (should work anyway)

Made by Mikael Ohlsson.

ATR is programmed in C# and uses User32.dll. The code is fairly well documented and should be quite easy for a fairly decent programmer to add features. It is a good source if you want to find out how to work directly with the keyboard buffer.

You can download the latest version here.

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If you have any bugs to report, feature requests or you would like to add a feature please feel free to use the SourceForge.Net project page.